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What is Sopa para Todos?

Sopa para Todos is a national movement that consists of helping to rebuild restaurants while helping to fight hunger in Portugal. The basic concept is to pay for a soup at a local participating establishment and those who most need it can pick up the soup for free.

Our Mission

Reach as many people as possible to help rebuild the catering business while helping to fight hunger in the families that live closest to us.


Paid Soup

Purchase of a soup
in a partner restaurant

Free Donation

Monetary donation
to a partner restaurant

In-kind Donations

Donate ingredients for soups
to a partner restaurant

3 Pillars

How can I ask for help?

It’s very simple. The core idea is that anyone can leave a paid soup in a partner establishment (restaurant, café) so those in need can order a soup for free. If you are in need, contact a partner establishment near you or reach out to your community to help you find one.

How can I help?

All help is welcome. You can help by buying a
soup at a partner establishment, donating ingredients for the soup, spreading the word through establishments you know in the area so that you can have more options near you, and spreading the word through your contacts.

Como posso pedir ajuda?

É muito simples. A ideia base é qualquer pessoa poder deixar uma sopa paga num restaurante/café aderente, para que quem precise de ajuda alimentar possa entrar no local e pedir uma sopa de forma gratuita.

Como posso ajudar?

Todas as ajudas são bem-vindas. Pode ajudar comprando uma sopa num estabelecimento aderente, doando ingredientes para a sopa, divulgando pelos estabelecimentos que conhece na zona para que possa ter espaços aderentes perto de si e divulgando pelos seus contactos.

How can my establishment join the movement?

To join Sopa para Todos, you must follow the following steps:
      1. Join the Facebook group “Sopa para Todos”;
      2. Send an email to with the subject “Establishment registration”. A short questionnaire will be sent to you with all the information we need.
      3. After registering your establishment, the official “Sopa para Todos” poster will be sent to you by email so that you can print and use it in your establishment and on your social networks, its use being optional;
      4. To better publicize your establishment as a partner, we recommend that:
             a. Share an announcement through your contacts, customers, and social networks that you have become a partner;
             b. Share your establishment’s results and needs on a daily basis in the “Sopa para Todos” group so that you can inspire more people.

  1. If you would like to see your monthly balance reflected in our statistics, please respond by the end of the month to the email that we will send you with a short questionnaire.

Como posso aderir com o meu estabelecimento?

Para aderir ao movimento Sopa para Todos, deve seguir os próximos passos:

      1. Aderir ao grupo no Facebook “Sopa para Todos”;
      2. Enviar e-mail para com assunto, “Registo de estabelecimento”. Ser-lhe-á enviado um pequeno questionário com todas as informações que necessitamos.
      3. Após o registo do seu estabelecimento ser-lhe-á enviado por e-mail o cartaz oficial do “Sopa para Todos” para que o possa imprimir e usar no seu estabelecimento e nas suas redes sociais, sendo a sua utilização facultativa;
      4. Para melhor divulgação do seu estabelecimento enquanto espaço aderente recomendamos que:

    a. Divulgue pelos seus contactos, clientes e redes sociais que passou a ser aderente;
    b. Divulgue diariamente os resultados e necessidades do seu estabelecimento no grupo “Sopa para Todos” para que possa inspirar mais pessoas.

    1. Caso queira ver o seu balanço mensal refletido na nossa estatística, pedimos que responda ao e-mail que lhe iremos enviar com um curto questionário.


How do you guarantee that whoever lifts the soup really needs it?

The management and selection will be carried out using common sense and knowledge of the needs of the local community, as well as the support networks of partner establishments. There are no guarantees in this regard, nor is it intended that this inspection be carried out in a certified manner or with supporting evidence. Having said that, we are not responsible for undue withdrawals of soups.

We intend to reach all people who need help, especially those who have recently entered more precarious situations and who are still too embarrassed to ask for help. To break down these barriers, partner establishments need the help of the community to signal these situations with due privacy and discretion so that those in need are really helped. One thing that we can guarantee and be sure of is that we are already reaching families that were really in need and knowing that we are making a difference in that sense already makes it all worth it. The truth always comes out, so let’s focus on the truth of those who need it most and on the achievements made in this regard.

How do you ensure that restaurants don't keep money on soups without serving them?

The management will be carried out using common sense and the knowledge of the local people who accompany the establishments, as well as the support networks of the partner establishments. There are no guarantees in this regard, nor is it intended that this inspection be carried out in a certified manner or with supporting evidence. Having said that, we are not responsible for fraud attempts by any restaurant.

We intend to support restoring the catering business, where each partner establishment must make daily publications in the Sopa para Todos group with the situation of its restaurant/café in order to be as transparent as possible, showing its needs and results. Something to remember is that most of the catering businesses are being supported by its regular customers and the local community, which will certainly do everything to maintain the integrity of the Sopa para Todos movement, as well as the preservation of the values of the establishments they are supporting. One thing we can guarantee right now is that there are establishments that were considering closing their doors and thanks to your support, they are eternally grateful to be part of this social solidarity action in an altruistic mission to help reduce hunger in their local community.

Do I have to present any documentation to pick up a soup?

No. You just have to enter a partner establishment and order your soup. If possible and if you feel comfortable, inform the establishment you are going to so that they can book and guarantee your order. In some situations, depending on the situation you are in and depending on the availability of participating establishments, the soup may be delivered to your home.

I'm out of Portugal and I want to contribute to your movement. How can I do it?

In this case, we ask that you choose a partner establishment on the map and coordinate directly with it.

As payment by MBWay only applies to Portugal, we remind you that to pay for a soup at the chosen partner establishment you will need the IBAN and BIC SWIFT of the account to which the bank transfer will be made. Therefore, we suggest that you choose a restaurant/café known to friends, family, or loved ones that you have in Portugal, in order to avoid unpleasant situations for which we cannot be held responsible.

(Document only available in Portuguese)


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